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Home-Cooked Diet Transition Guide

Carefully transitioning your pet onto their new home-cooked diet is vital for their success and avoiding digestive upset. For many pets, ten days is usually sufficient, but for some this may need to happen more gradually.

Begin your pet's diet transition with ¼ of their new home-cooked diet to ¾ of their current food. Maintain this for three days.

On day four, if they have accepted this well and there is no digestive upset, adjust the amounts to ½ home-cooked and ½ their current food. Continue this for another three days.

If this continues to go well, adjust again to ¾ home-cooked and ¼ their current food. On day ten, if your pet is still doing well, it is finally time to remove their old food completely and to exclusively feed them their new home-cooked diet.

If your pet refuses to eat, develops vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive gas, or experiences constipation, it may be that the transition is happening too quickly for them.

Please contact your veterinary team to ensure there are no concerns, and then, if appropriate, try making the transition to the new food more gradually.

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