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Our Passionate Belief

“I stopped talking to my vet about what I was feeding my pet because I was tired of arguing with them about corn.”

We feel this deeply.

“I am heartbroken because my clients do not trust my nutrition recommendation when all I want is what is best for them based on the available data.”

Yep. We feel this deeply, too.



We do not speak for all pet owners and we do not speak for all vets. We do speak for people like us who are skeptical of the pet food industry (and marketing, in general) and frustrated by the few brands of pet foods that are dominating the market with their cost-based formulas.

We say this knowing it is inflammatory, and we are intentionally keeping it vague because we truly do not want to base our voice on tearing other companies down. However, we cannot participate in this industry without acknowledging where we agree and, just as importantly, where we disagree.

Now, kibble was invented to make complete and balanced diets convenient and cost-effective. This is not a bad thing. Pet homelessness is a huge issue and many families would not be able to add a pet, or multiple pets, to their family without the convenience and cost-accessibility of kibble.

We know that not every pet owner has the luxury of being able to make their own meals from scratch, let alone for their furry family members. There are so many potential limitations: time, space, money, knowledge. Certain disease states require VERY specific nutrient requirements that are best left to professionals to create consistent meals.

But the core of the matter is that our team knows without a doubt that proper home-cooking is THE best option for THE best health outcomes for pets. Highly processed industrial diets are not.

Our team's backgrounds go deep into the belly of the pet food and veterinary industries, so this passionate belief is the result of experience, study, and observation. And that is it. It is why we are here. It is why we get up in the morning. It is why we do not take days off – even when we really want to (and probably should). 

It is about making our pets’ lives better and longer, scientifically.



Based on pet owners surveyed by the APPA National Pet Owner’s Survey in 2019 and based on the survey results found in cooperation with the ACVN, at least 30.6% percent of all dog owners are interested in home-cooking for their pet. So following these results: 

There are 63 million households with 1.6 dogs per household.

If we can support just the 30.6% of those already interested families to home-cook, that is 19.3 million families potentially getting 83.16 million total more years with their 30.8 million dogs 

As a family-friendly business, we can’t repeat our reaction to this out loud, but please know that it is because of how madly serious we are about our beliefs that we are screaming from the virtual mountaintops to FEED YOUR PET HOME-COOKED DIETS. WE WILL HELP. JUST GET AFTER IT AND DO IT PROPERLY.

This is where most people would pass out from the exertion of this level of passion, but we are just getting started.



Our pets have a direct effect on our mental health. Pets Add Life has reported that the benefits of pets include lower levels of depression, higher levels of life satisfaction, higher overall psychological well-being, lower levels of social isolation, higher levels of resilience, higher levels of companionship, less absenteeism from work.

What are all of us looking for right now in the middle of a pandemic where we are stuck at home with our pets? Perhaps lower levels of depression... Definitely hoping to get higher overall psychologic well-being. Lower levels of social isolation sounds impossible right now, but hey – it would be way worse without our pets.

Resilience. Life satisfaction. Companionship. 

There is no better time to lean into this all-important bond we feel with our pets. And we believe there is no better way to show this love than through the tangible act of cooking. We are curious and, honestly, pretty anxious people, but the comfort of following the simple steps of a recipe, the satisfaction of being involved and having this level of control over our pets’ time on this earth with us, and the confidence provided by the data, gives us peace-of-mind which we desperately need, now more than ever.



Helping you home-cook complete and balanced, fact-checked, and delicious meals for your pet is why we are here. It’s all of these reasons and more. 

So use our connections. Advocate for your pet. Ask weird questions. Use our recipes and resources and whatever else you can squeeze from our collective knowledge because that 2.7 years will be worth every millisecond.

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