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better well-being. longer life expectancy.

Everything we feed our pets impacts their health and affects how long they live. By controlling their diet and cooking your pet fresh meals, you can add 2.7 years to their life. You can also help to reduce the environmental impact of the estimated 64 million tons of carbon dioxide that comes from traditional pet food production every year.

The kibble industry has led us to believe that it is impossible to feed your pet a balanced diet without purchasing their products. This simply isn’t true.

Join our home-cooking community in saying "no" to #pupaganda.

not sure where to start?

I have a high strung rescue German Shepherd who for years has had 'iffy' bowels. At least several times a week he had loose to liquid bowels. It bothered me to see him straining. I saw the Glacial Biotics Digestive Performance on your website and decided to try it for him. I planned on allowing three months to see if there was a difference. 

I began to notice a positive improvement within two weeks, and now he almost never has a problem. I do not want him to be without it. Besides the obvious improvement in his bowels, he seems on a whole more relaxed as well.

- Gayle, Sabo and Carly Rae, with Balin and Molly in my Heart -

I feel grateful that I've had such a great product like My Pet Grocer. I couldn't have made homemade dog food if I hadn't. And I wouldn't have been able to get Sonya to eat after her pancreatitis attack at age 2. She was wasting away on kibble. Fortunately, she was able to recover and grew up to be a beautiful Siberian Husky.
- Sue and Sonya -

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