About Us

My Pet Grocer is a group of professionals from the commercial pet food industry who have come to believe through firsthand experience and data that home-cooking, properly done, is simply the best nutrition you can provide for your pet.

We’ve used our “insider” experience and supplier relationships to source the “hard to find ingredients” you need to successfully cook your pet's food at home. 

Dan Pitts President and John Phelps, Co-Founders

Co-Founders of Rayne Clinical Nutrition, makers of whole food prescription pet food recommended by veterinarians.  Developing the Rayne products involved engaging a network of “best in class” partners we have trusted during our long careers at Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Nestle/Purina.  We wanted to make these same ingredients easily available in the appropriate packaging for home cookers.


Rebecca Remillard, Ph.D., D.V.M, DACVN, Founder Veterinary Nutritional Consultants

Petdiets, Pet Recipe Designers and East Coast Think Tank all provide services for vitamin/mineral premixes designed especially for home cooked diets.


Greg Sunvold, Ph.D. Nutritional Sciences

Long career as Nutritionist, Principal Scientist for the Iams/Procter & Gamble company, and over 200 scientific publications.  Dr. Greg founded Microbiome Health, in order to commercially advance products based on cutting-edge and innovative microbiome technologies.  Utilizing the latest microbiome technologies along with his unique expertise, Dr. Greg created an exclusive line of pet supplements at Glacial Biotics.


Adam Kulp, Ph.D. Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Microbiologists for Mars/Procter & Gamble, Head of Science & R&D for MicroNature.  Designed petfood fermentation process to ensure product safety and efficacy.